Simplify Helpdesk Operations: Send Documents via E-Sign

Send necessary documents via digital e-sing and attach them directly to the ticket

Efficient E-Sign

New and easy process to send the documents in a ticket via digital e-sign

Previously, handling documents that needed to be signed was time-consuming, as the process was entirely manual, resulting in long waiting times and multiple versions in a single ticket.

To address this issue, we have a new process that allows us to send the documents via digital e-sign. You can find it in Helpdesk under "Action," the new send e-sign option.
Before sending out the document, you need to create your proper template: for that, you need to go to "Sign", choose or create one, and at the end, click on "List View." Then, put a tick in the box "Helpdesk Ticket Template" and go back to "Helpdesk - Complaint Handling - Action." You can send the form digitally by clicking on "Send E-Sign".

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